Monday, October 13, 2008

A Map for the Post BEA Era

I stopped by Ted Farrell's keynote at Oracle Develop 2008 and heard him give an overview of Oracle's "go forward" dev tools strategy in the wake of the influx of great technology from BEA. Below is a key section of the talk:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Speak, Write, Win

If you look at the people that make it to Oracle ACE status, they aren’t just good at technology they are also comfortable speaking and writing about what they do. (I know because I’ve interviewed many of them.) My advice? Get serious about your writing skills (as in take a class) and get over your fear of speaking publicly (as in join a speakers group). Here are a couple of examples to show you (and me), how it’s done.

Here’s Tim O’Reilly helping his employees face the economic meltdown. It's a well thought out, well written blog post. His simple message: when things get tough be creative and do stuff that matters. Thanks to Scoble for leading me to this.

Seth Godin at Google pushing the ideas in his latest book. He speaks so well that you keep watching that little Web video to hear what he’s got to say.