Friday, May 2, 2008

Guessing at the Future

One niggling task of a Senior Editor at Oracle is to occasionally update the Oracle Timeline with product news and other notable items. The idea is that the choices I make will serve as a public record for the future.

Those choices were much easier when I was writing about 1983 when we could look back and see that the decision to make Oracle database widely compatible and portable would turn out to be monumental.

But what decisions being made today will echo through the ages? I think the fact that Database 11g adoption is strong will be important. And there might be sleepers like the new Enterprise Manager option for monitoring the user experience, or the new testing suite based on the recently announced, yet already legendary Real Application Testing.

Will Oracle middleware for applications be seen as a step towards something huge? I think it will. But will the recently announced extension of support for legacy versions of E-business Suite, which is extremely important to current customers, be remembered as “news” in five years time? Your guess is as good as mine.

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