Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now, Make It Sing: Bringing BEA Content to

As the tech editor I’ve been part of the evolving Middleware section of as the BEA and Oracle marketing folks hammered out a strategy and then turned it into Web pages. I agree with the Wall Street Journal, that Oracle does indeed understand how to to manage an acquisition. An interesting side of that is the participation of former BEA people in the process. As the July 1st Webcast approached I got emails at midnight and 5 a.m. as BEA people polished up the message to match the new strategy; a strategy that saw some of their beloved technology take center stage, some get parted out to other technologies, and some get parked in maintenance mode. Here’s a little guide to BEA

If you read just one page, read this.
If you want to see where most of the BEA content went: Check out this page, and look under:
Application Server
Grid Infrastructure
Data Integration
Enterprise 2.0 and Portals
Event-Driven Architecture
SOA Governance
Service-Oriented Architecture

Thanks to all the BEA and Oracle marketing people who crafted this new content and made my job easy.

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