Monday, February 23, 2009

A Salute to Dan Vlamis' College Girlfriend

My interview with Dan Vlamis, of the BIWA SIG, is missing some key points. Neither the video nor the Oracle Magazine column talk about his degree in technology from Brown or the fact that he took the job that launched his Oracle-based BI career just to be near his girlfriend. But these my friends are facts. The Oracle business intelligence and data warehousing world can thank that girlfriend (soon to become his wife) for luring Vlamis to Information Resources, Inc. where he worked on the pcExpress calculation engine that is even today part of Oracle OLAP.

Up Close Interview: Dan Vlamis, BIWA Summit from Oracle Magazine on Vimeo.


Pete said...

It would be interesting to read professional bios that share the right level of personal details that don't often make it in. I feel a connection with Dan in a way that I wasn't possible in the original story.

Sally said...

Nice to know I have a lasting legacy, besides our kids, of course! :)

Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...

Yes, Sally, where would enterprise business intelligence be today without you!

Dan said...

Thanks, Jeff. And thanks, Pete, for your comment. We ended up pointing to this blog in our April 2009 newsletter, having a bit of fun with the article.

Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...


You can let folks know that the video is also available on YouTube:

- Jeff