Monday, March 16, 2009

Video Fun with Oracle APEX 3.2

I ran into David Peake several months back at a small OTN event and we had the following conversation while waiting for an elevator:

David: I have a cool new release coming up but not enough dough for a full-blown demo project.
Jeff: I have an idea for a short video show that could work for you.
Dave and Jeff together: Let’s do it!

The result is the video below. This is the first One-Minute Oracle show, so I am anxious for feedback. Caveat: This is an awareness tool, not, obviously, a technical how-to video (I’m working on those, too).

Caveat #2: This is a marketing piece for one technical approach that is not necessarily recommended by Oracle. Oracle offers other approaches you should explore.


Dimitri Gielis said...

Nice video Jeff.

Next you can maybe make an elevator pitch for APEX.
A video of you in the elevator and talking to somebody about APEX ;-)

Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...

Good idea, Dimitri! Although I also wrote a demo for APEX that gives a quick overview of the product. It's on the APEX page of OTN.

Francis said...

Very nice video !

Can I reference it on my blog ?

We need more like that to help sell Apex to customers.


Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...

Francis, Yes please do link to this video. Dave and I made it so we could get the word out!

And let me know if you ideas for future videos.

David Peake said...

Both of these videos are now on the APEX OTN Home Page (


Dan said...

OK, what happened to the video? It appears the video "has been removed by the owner". Oh boy, I hope there's a juicy story about how Oracle execs made Jeff remove the video because it's "not necessarily recommended by Oracle"! I fear it's just been "relocated"--that's not so fun of an answer.

Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...


You are indeed correct with your conspiracy theory. I had to take the video down for political reasons. In its short life, the APEX video was the most watched Web video in company history.

- Jeff