Sunday, April 13, 2008

ACE Dinner - Collaborate08

In San Francisco when you ask a waiter where their steak comes from they will usually tell you something about the farm where the animal was raised, like Neiman Ranch. At the Oracle ACEs dinner in Denver I asked and the waitress answered, “Texas”. But that is the only time at the ACE dinner when a question went curtly or vaguely answered. Oracle ACES were in fine form and the information was flowing. Highlights of the evening were Edward Roske providing the background I need to understand the things I’ll be hearing and seeing this week about Hyperion. He should know, he’s leading ten sessions in the Hyperion track over the next three days. I also met Peter Koletzke, author of JDeveloper for Forms and PL/SQL Developers, and set up breakfast to speak to Floyd Teter of ORCLVille blog fame. The ACE dinner was a great way to get in the swing for Collaborate08. And the salmon wasn’t bad either.

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