Friday, April 4, 2008

Database 11g: All the Ingredients for Success

The PR guys sent over a draft of a release about customers who’ve adopted Oracle Database 11g.
As I read about how well Database 11g is faring out in the world, I was reminded of the days when it was still cooking in the Oracle kitchen. Oracle was flying customers in to try it and signing them up for a broad beta. In those days we were like a chef serving up a new dish. Would they like it? Would they detect the finer details – that flourish in the mid palate; would they appreciate that satisfying finish? I interviewed beta tester after beta tester when they had sampled Database 11g and after a moment’s consideration, they each smiled.

“You like it?!” With some small qualifications, they did. Which left us dying to know what it was that they REALLY liked. Was it Real Application Testing? We put a lot of thought into that one. Was it Advanced Compression? What about Total Recall? What about Active Data Guard, and on and on. We were dying to know!

For many and various reasons, they did like it (check out this interview). You could see the measured satisfaction on the faces of the product managers as customers dug into the features and asked their questions.

Oracle Database 11g on Linux has been out for most of a year now and on Windows (or here) for many months. Customers are ordering it with increasing regularity.

With the nice press release, the cooks in the Oracle kitchen; the architects, developers, testers, product managers, and the rest can take some satisfaction at the success of their creation. Then it’ll be time to get back to the kitchen.

Photo by Cindy at food migration.

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