Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lesson and a New Goal for 2009

Just interviewed Mike Riley of the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG). He’s in town for the IOUC conference . He didn’t say this on tape, but in the car back to his hotel he said being a member of ODTUG makes him much better at his work and helps him enjoy his job. He’s been a developer and project manager at the same insurance company for twenty years. TWENTY years. He says that ODTUG membership makes him part of a community that is “always trying something new, and always willing to help you,” he said. He also likes that his fellow members, based all over the world, look to him for his knowledge and leadership.

My Up Close video interviews for Oracle Magazine are convincing me that being part of a self-formed group pursuing excellence in any endeavor is a key to maintaining happiness and meaning in your work.

I’ve been toiling on my own for too long. Another goal for 2009: join a group of writers and work with them to pursue excellence -- it is, I am learning from my tech friends, a route to happiness.


Dan Norris said...

You picked a good candidate in Mike. I have known him via the ODTUG group for a few years now and always enjoy our encounters. I find Mike to be a sincere and upbeat person who is always willing to extend a hand, but also keeps things realistic when tough decisions have to be made. I look forward to your interview being published!

Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...


Mike is a good guy and very dedicated to his users group. He flew in for the IOUC meeting on his daughters birthday, which I could tell was a struggle for him. I notice you work with the RAC SIG. Let's stay in touch, as I just spoke with Murali Vallath about doing a column in the coming months about you guys .

Dan Norris said...

Hi Jeff,

Sure, that sounds great. I'm planning to be at RMOUG, Hotsos, Collaborate, and ODTUG conferences between now and June, so maybe I'll meet up with you at one of those? Let me know if that's possible--I'd love to meet up and talk about the RAC SIG and more.

Mike Riley - President - ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group) said...


Thanks for the kind thoughts. It was great to talk with you about something I am very passionate about.

As you noted, Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits is a GREAT place to work. They are very supportive of my desire to volunteer for ODTUG and the good of the Oracle development community.

Thanks again!

Mike Riley
President - Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG)
Project Manager / DBA - Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits

Jeff Erickson, Tech Editor, Oracle Publishing said...

Mike, I know you made that point in our conversation; about your employer having the vision to support your users group work. I will make sure to hit it in the magazine piece.