Friday, March 21, 2008

You Should Know About Oracle Mix

A few days ago I started a group on Oracle Mix for my speakers club.

“Oracle Mix? Never heard of it,” said my club president, a longtime Oracle guy. I don’t blame him. Not many people know about it yet, and admittedly it’s still in beta.

But it’s here to stay and offers a new set of tools dedicated to communication between Oracle employees, partners and customers. Think of it as a big Yahoo group dedicated to Oracle, but with lots more chances for cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge, and resources.

Oracle Mix is predicated on the theory that the crowd is smarter than the individual. The idea is to give Oracle people a place to meet and they’ll spark ideas and help each other in ways that centrally controlled communications could never match. You can learn a lot more about social networking on the blog of the guys who created Oracle Mix.

The thing is still in beta and I’ve already experienced the magic.

I was looking to help a friend, who also works for Oracle, make contacts in a new division because he has great ideas about how Oracle can benefit form the new Apple iPhone SDK. I happened to be on Oracle Mix and noticed a Q&A conversation about the iPhone SDK and Oracle. I alerted my friend so he could jump in the conversation, share his ideas, and make his contacts.

Would we have found him the right people eventually? Sure. But with Oracle Mix he was able to jump into an ongoing conversation of like-minded people around the company and he was off and running. This is why you should know about Oracle Mix

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Jake said...

Thanks for the plug. Keep your thoughts and ideas for Mix coming. I especially like the success stories, w00t!