Monday, March 31, 2008

Oracle Wiki Weekly Digest. Yay!

I just got my first “newsletter” from the Oracle Wiki and I’m thrilled. How, you ask, can a newsletter thrill me? Don’t I receive five newsletters a day? Yes I do, but here’s the difference. The Oracle Wiki Weekly Digest is from a community to which I belong (Oracle Wiki contributors), and it provides a service that I need: It babysits the wiki and sends me updates on new and edited pages.

The other newsletters I get have a much broader focus and are intended to advertise. In some ways I’m really doing a service for the sender by receiving it because they get paid by getting me a newsletter and getting me to open it.

My question is, how can we make Oracle newsletters (for which I often write stories) more like the Wiki Digest? The answer is to keep a mindset of service, not advertising. People who receive the Oracle newsletters belong to the Oracle community. Many have staked their career on knowledge of Oracle technology, but they can’t keep track of Oracle’s growing product list and what people are saying about it.

I pledge to keep a mindset of service, not advertising, next time I put pen to paper for an Oracle newletter. Thank you Oracle Wiki Weekly Digest for the reminder.

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